Our Charges

Platform Charge*

0.22%                                 Invested Assets up to £1 million

0.00%                                 Invested Assets above £1 million

IronBright MPS Option*

0.30%                                 Total assets invested

Portfolios are individually charged. Please see charges on portfolio factsheets

ETI / Direct Share Investments*

£36.50                            Charged annually for each instrument.

0.04%(min £4)                   for any GB ETI / Shares traded

0.065% (min £6.50)            for any Global ETI / Shares traded.

Platform Associated Costs                     we do not charge for

Platform Set Up Fee

Annual Administration Fee

Cash Withdrawal Fee

Fund Switching Fee

Portfolio Switching Fee

SIPP Set up Fee

SIPP Annual Fee

Drawdown Set up Fee

Drawdown Annual Fee

Valuation & Statement Fee

 *Fees are calculated daily and taken from accounts a month in arrears                                                                                                                                                               Fees may be changed at the discretion of IronBright Investment Management. Notification will be provided prior to any changes.