Our Managed Portfolio Service

Simple to Understand, Transparent and Liquid

We create and manage investment portfolios for financial planning firms. Keeping it simple, transparent and liquid; using index funds to control costs.

We have 24 portfolios which hold traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, commercial property, fixed interest and cash. To ensure simplicity for clients we avoid complex investment instruments such as hedge funds, complex derivatives and structured products.

Our portfolios are risk graded with differing allocation to growth and defensive assets. There is something available for every planning scenario.
We have 3 sustainable portfolios covering our most popular asset allocations to date; 30%, 50% & 70% growth assets.

If income is a priority, we have 3 income portfolio's catering for 3 different risk profiles.

The portfolios can be mapped to your preferred risk profiling software.

Our Investment Philosophy - 3 Guiding Principles

We are optimistic and Believe in the Future of long term progress. Capital Markets work. They are far from perfect, but they do a good job of fairly pricing all available information and investor expectations about publicly traded securities.

Once money is invested, Patience is needed with an eye on the long term rather than what markets are doing today.

We adopt Discipline, delivered through careful asset allocation, diversification and regular rebalancing of asset allocations to keep portfolios in line with the course set.