Our Sustainable Portfolios

With our sustainable portfolios we continue to follow our main Investment Philosophy which is one of belief in the Future, Patience and Discipline, driven by asset allocation.

By employing a number of different investment houses we benefit from a diverse range of approaches, whilst tapping into strong performance track records, diligent investment processes, and teams with high levels of integrity.

Sustainability is growing in importance and as we are committed to developing portfolios using all 3 elements of the Environmental, Social & Governance model outlined below.


Considering the impact on the environment

  • Do they try to reduce their carbon footprint?
  • Do they consider chemicals used for processes?
  • Do they consider the sustainability of their processes and materials?
  • Do they recycle and consider their waste management?


 Protecting Society, both locally and globally

  • Does the company consider standards in the supply chain?
  • How do they treat their employees?
  • Do they have good workplace health & safety?
  • Do they consider diversity?


Following principles to support sound business practices.

  • Does the board and company drive positive change?
  • Is executive pay tied to performance?
  • Does the company reflect diversity in society?

A snapshot of our Mandate

What we want to avoid

  • Solutions that target tobacco
  • Assets investing directly into armaments
  • Funds that invest in companies that abuse human rights

What we want to target

  • Exposure to fund that practice good governance
  • Funds that provide finance for solutions to social housing
  • Investments that benefit people in areas of education
  • Solutions that benefit the environment such as; clean energy, sustainable infrastructure and recycling.

The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, which have a target achievement date of 2030, are integral to our approach to sustainable investing.

To get an insight into the funds within our Portfolio's and how it supports the goals go to our Brighter Thinking page.

UN Sustainable Development Goals