What we do

We create and manage model investment portfolios for financial planning firms.

We keep it simple, transparent and liquid. We use index funds to control costs.

Our portfolios hold traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, commercial property, fixed interest and cash.

We avoid complex investment instruments such as hedge funds, complex derivatives and structured products.

We rebalance twice annually.

We work with your choice of platform provider.

Our model portfolios

IronBright portfolios are easily mapped to the market leading risk profiling tools. We have 21 portfolios spread over three categories: nine pure passive and nine core-satellite portfolios sharing the same asset allocation; and three income portfolios.

Passive portfolios x 9

IronBright 20P
IronBright 30P
IronBright 40P
IronBright 50P
IronBright 60P
IronBright 70P
IronBright 80P
IronBright 90P
IronBright 100P

Core-satellite portfolios x 9

IronBright 20CS
IronBright 30CS
IronBright 40CS
IronBright 50CS
IronBright 60CS
IronBright 70CS
IronBright 80CS
IronBright 90CS
IronBright 100CS

Income portfolios x 3

Cautious Income
Balanced Income
Equity Income




The construction of our portfolios is subject to a strict investment mandate. Only UCITS (Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities) compliant, regulated collectives are used to help protect against the unexpected.

Quartet Investment Managers provide our research capability and their Managing Partner and Investment Manager is IronBright‘s Chief Investment Officer.

The IronBright Investment Committee meets quarterly.

Information on how we manage your data can be found on https://ironbright.com/privacy-notice 


0.30% per annum